23 things I have learnt in my 23 years

I wanted to share with you all 23 things that I have learnt during my 23 years of life through past and current experiences. Enjoy.

  1. Every individual has a God given purpose and it is up to us to discover our purpose and use all of our resources to fulfil it

2. Embrace your strengths and turn your weaknesses in to lessons

3. It is important to be who you are unapologetically and do not allow others to make you feel that you need to be less of who you are (especially because it suits them)

4. We should never stop learning – as Napoleon Hill said “the person who stops studying merely because he has finished school is forever hopelessly doomed to mediocrity”

5. Work smart and work hard

6. Failure is nothing more than the lessons that we use to propel ourselves to the next level of growth

7. Fear is false evidence appearing real

8. Use the ammunition of “fear” and “failure” to achieve your dreams

9. Preparation + opportunity = success

10. Have ambitious (not mediocre) goals and smash them

11. Make time for yourself and know that it is ok be selfish with your time when it comes to achieving your goals

12. Have specialised, rather than generalised, knowledge in your field

13. We do not need fair-weather friends

14. Expand your network and surround yourself with likeminded people

15. Give because you can not because you want something in return

16. Be of service to others and provide value

17. Have an understanding of the economical and political climate of the country that you reside in so you can navigate yourself effectively

18. Healthy and prosperous finances are only possible with smart money moves

19. Make better decisions when it comes to your health and fitness – you’ll live longer 🙂

20. Only you can decide to be happy, nobody else controls your happiness

21. There is power in declaring things out loud and truly believing that they will come to pass

22. Prayer is everything

23. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

I hope that sharing this has made you reflect on some of the most important things that you have learnt throughout your life. Remember that every lesson learnt provides an opportunity to be a better person – as Dan Lok said “hell on earth is meeting the man or woman you could have been.” – find the link to his tedx talk here





16 thoughts on “23 things I have learnt in my 23 years

  1. Theo thank God for the wisdom upon your life, you will be a blessing to your generation and God will continue to empower you ijmn. This is a good reflection of life.

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  2. Mr & Mrs A O Bakare,

    Thank you for sharing this reflective statements for daily living. Well done to Theo B. More of God’s grace and wisdom in Jesus name.

    Richard and Shola Fadiya

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