16 thoughts on “What does ‘being black’ mean to you?

  1. Being black means I am proud of my color but humble in spirit. I realize that my color should not and does not dictate who I am but I am the dictator or the designer of my life. Not thinking too highly of myself but raising up my head high in every way, wherever I am, in whatever situation I find myself. Not looking down on people but helping to add value to their lives and the community at large. Helping myself to be the best I can be as the other skin color neither want black colored to succeed nor be focused. I know that I am wonderfully and fearfully made, BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, BLACK IS OUTSTANDING AND BLACK OUTSHINES THEM ALL !

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    1. Being black means I belong to a powerful race of people who strongly love and admire GOD for his love and faithfulness!! Other races too are blessed and olives by GOD!

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  2. Being black to me means knowing I have an inner strength that allows me to persevere through and adapt in the toughest times. I may fall sometimes but I’ll rise each time as my ancestors demonstrated.

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  3. Being black means I am beautiful, strong and posess uncommon inner strength. I am not inferior but resilient in facing challenges. I have everything to be what I want to be and nothing can limit me. God loves me the way he created me and I have a great future.


  4. Wao!!! Well done Oyinkan. I love it. You are a gem. Yes being Black is Bold, Beautiful and Blessed. Really proud of you.


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