What Do YOU Fear?

Have you ever asked yourself what your biggest fears are?

When people ask us what we are afraid of we tend to think about tangible/physical things or things that are very obvious to us. For example some people have a fear of dogs and others have a fear of heights.

But have you ever considered what it is that you are actually afraid of?

And when I ask this I am asking you to consider the things that cannot be seen and the things that are not evident to you. The things that are potentially hindering or stopping you from your own personal development and growth.

I recently asked myself the same question and after deep thought it became very apparent to me. My two biggest fears were failure and wholeheartedly putting myself out there for the world to see. Both open up the road to criticism, critique, judgement, wandering unauthorized eyes and many more things that I did not think I was ready nor equipped for. And to be honest both are the reason as to why I have been so inconsistent with my blog posts, something I want to change.

When I thought about why I really feared these things I could come up with no reasonable and logical answer. Criticism and failure is a part of life, something that is unavoidable. And then I remembered what fear is…

‘false evidence appearing real’.

So why should I fear these things?

Fear does nothing but cripple and hinder us from growing and being the best version of ourselves.

First discover what you fear. Then consider why you fear these things. Then take action to equip yourself with the tools to defeat your fears.

Whatever you fear today I am encouraging you to push past this state of mind and instead of allowing fear to control you, control your fear.

In Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill, Napoleon conducted an interview with the devil in which he said “Failure is a state of mind; therefore, it is something an individual can control until he neglects to exercise this privilege.”

Replace failure with fear and re-read this quote.

Remember that in order to progress to the next level we must make our dreams bigger than our fears.

Please comment below with what you fear or have feared and how you overcame or are dealing with your fears.


19 thoughts on “What Do YOU Fear?

  1. That was an awesome read! Thank you so much for sharing! Personally my biggest fear is watching everything around me change, but myself remaining the same. That’s why I consistently read books, meet new people and visit new places; as it all expand my horizon. Several of my mentors have ingrained in my mind:

    “You will be the same person in 5 years except for the books you read and the people you meet”.

    Their wise advice has me in the habit of always learning and embracing the changes that are coming. And truthfully, that has me not only embracing fear but also welcoming new challenges that rise!

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    1. Thank you so much! Thank you for sharing that on my blog, it is important to be honest and open with ourselves about our fears and how we can best control them. I hope you continue embracing new challenges on your path to success!


  2. Might sound silly, but I used to fear getting popped on by birds. But just few days ago (actually yesterday)–it finally happened: a bird popped on me right on my forehead for the first time ever.
    While I felt a bit disgusted, I was glad it wasn’t much to wipe off. Afterwards, I realized it was no big deal.
    Same goes with our other “big” fears in life: once it’s conquered, we realize there is no reason to have even been fearful in the first place.
    We can all defeat & overcome our fears if we are willing to take that first step.

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